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Sound Gravitas Productions

Tiffany Boyd founded Sound Gravitas Productions, LLC in 2013.

After working eleven years in live event production, she has extensive professional level experience to support your event. Her personal goal, as an artist, is to create performance art.  


Obtaining a degree in Intra-Connection of The Arts in 2010, she focused on sound, visual art & curatorial studies; combine that with a decade of work in the healing arts, Tiffany's approach to live events are grounded in a holistic, creative and technical way.

Space, form, awareness, creativity, intention and hope.   

Production Consulting


Approaching this work as an installation process,

we help clients navigate the coordination, promotion and

 technical aspects of live event production.


Event Planning & Managment

Artist Management & Promotion

Graphic Design

On-Site Event Layouts

Sound Reinforcement

Offering a variety of analog quality

sound systems, paired to the size of your event. 

 System #1 (Audience Size 25-100) 

System # 2 (Audience Size 100-200)

System #3 (Audience Size 200-500) 

System #4 (Audience Size 500-1000) 

System #5 (Audience Size 1000-3000) 



From stage lighting to live art installation, we provide an organic and creative approach

Video, Live Broadcasts &

Multi-Track Recording


From real time video at your event, live broadcasts and professionally filmed and edited video shoots, to multitrack recording we can help you

share your event with the world.

Mobile HD Video and Audio Recording

Video Post Production 

IP Satellite and Encoding Services

Stage Design

We work with you to

develop and make a reality, the 

overall layout and visual concept for the production. 

Shamanic Stage &

Space Clearing

Sound Gravitas

Believes In The Importance Of

Creating & Holding Space For Your Event

~We Offer This Integrated Shamanic Work As Part Of The Regular Production Services We Provide~

As an Extra Service 

In preparation for "setting the stage",

space and stage clearings offer an energetic

decluttering of your chosen location.


"I’ve had the privilege of working with Tiffany on several jobs. She can diagnose, go straight to the problem, and fix the mix... or the system. She loves sound and she loves her work. She has social skills and stagecraft that really take the load off. She’s a true professional."

                                                                                      -Leo Kottke


"I can’t speak highly enough of her work ethic, her ability to work with a team, and her facility in artist relations. She is always organized and professional, and can be relied upon to stay cool and focused in the stressful situations that sometimes accompany a concert event, like late artist arrivals, extended sound checks and malfunctioning equipment. I look forward to working with her whenever possible."

 -Stephen Dignazio, Executive Director,

The Colonial Theatre, Bethlehem, NH

"Tiffany Boyd of Sound Gravitas Productions has effectively served as ground support for my music career since 2016. Having designed and managed the websites and social media of Beg, Steal or Borrow, the Bryan Bowers Band and numerous other projects, she has also worked for us as videographer, sound engineer and promotional coordinator. Top notch work. Many thanks!"

-Geoff Goodhue, Mandolinist & Vocalist

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Hired as an independent sound technician and stage support.

Tiffany assisting Big Head Jerry!

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